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Official Membership Application Form Empty Official Membership Application Form

Post by Jakeman4 on Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:41 pm

Hello! Welcome to 13th, please do the following before filling out the application:

-Be in no active wars
-Apply to 13th in-game
-make sure your nation color is either beige or blue
-Read 13th's Charter, the Code of Honor, and the Uniform Code of Justice.

Application Form

(Please post this in a NEW thread under this Forum Section)

Your Ruler name:
Your Nation Name:
Have you played politics and war before? (Yes/No) If so, how long?:
Who recruited you? (If anyone):
Why did you leave your previous alliance? (if applicable):
What is your reputation as a player in Politics and War?:

I, (Ruler Name), swear on my honor to steadfastly and zealously defend 13th against all enemies internal and foreign; conduct myself with the conduct becoming a member of 13th per the 13th Code of Honor; follow all directives and other orders issued by accredited officers of the government; and to ensure a more perfect union through my presence.

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